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COVID-19 is the short form for Corona Virus Disease 2019. COVID-19 is basically a large family of virus that can cause you illness, right from disturbing your routine health to ruining it so badly and even cornering to death.

According to a private research agency, it has also been identified that a person infected by COVID-19 can easily spread the virus to at least two to three other persons on an average.

Listed below are a couple of ways in which you can protect yourself from this deadly pandemic.

  • The very first and the most important protective measure which carries a significant amount of weigh tage is to isolate yourself from people and properties that are affected by corona.
  • The next most momentous measure is to build your immunity system. You should stay fit and strong and cover your health by a protection shield called your immunity.
  • You are the first line of defense. So the best way to protect yourself is by practicing good hygiene of self and surroundings.
  • The most commonly noticed symptom of a corona infection is common cold, cough and high body temperature. So, do make it a point to carry napkins to cover your mouth and nose. Understand that, even if you happen to get in contact with a corona infected object or person, you can still be safe by keeping your nose and mouth covered. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth unless you thoroughly wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.
  • Wash your hands as frequently as possible to kill all the germs lying on them. To do so, you may choose to wash with a hand sanitizer that comprises of alcohol in it, or you may adopt the usage of hot water and soap to eradicate all the germs on your hands.
  • You could also protect yourself by maintaining physical distancing of approximately 6 feet with every other person. There is neither a short cut to this, nor a replacement. So be sure to abide by this methodology.
  • And last but not the least, avoid traveling at first place, unless otherwise you need to. Once you return back home, ensure you sanitize all the objects you are carrying and also give your body a complete wash from head to toe thoroughly.

Nevertheless, approach a physician and take appropriate guidance based on your health situation. Follow all that your regulatory authorities advice you.

The bottom line is that you can be careful, cautious and protect yourself, only if you understand the problem situation. Having said that, taking protective measures certainly means a lot in this busy world.

Understand the seriousness of the COVID pandemic. This deadly virus is growing multi-fold day by day. And there is no vaccine developed until now, that can arrest this family of virus, nor are there any structured guidelines of treatment being followed across the world. The only mantra that works now is to ensure that you follow protection measures efficiently and effectively.

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