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EMR Optimization Consultant, your ultimate rescuer in the need of hour

EMR Optimization Consultant, your ultimate rescuer in the need of hour

Electronic Medical Records are the vital health records maintained in electronic form. An EMR optimization consultant plays a key role in the up keeping of this information, and also retrieving them for later use.

An EMR optimization consultant primarily focuses on providing a better health care system and managing care for patients in a better way.

Joshua Dana Baron, MD, CEO at Axiom Consulting from North America set a remarkable trend in the EMR optimization. Joshua Baron has always been keen in EMR optimization in terms of the clarity of the health information collected, efficiency in using them, besides keeping the integrity levels intact.

Backed by rich professional experience, specializing in lean teams, strategic thinking processes and procedures, Joshua Baron sets along with his team, the perfect and most appropriate operational plans and analysis to suit to the varied business needs of his clientele.

Needless to say, Joshua Baron, a consultant with over a decade in clinical informatics, is the one-stop shop for most Medical-Legal consults in North America. He ensures comprehensibility, efficiency and cost-effective EMR management.

Joshua Baron primarily aims to ease clinicians’ burden when working with electronic medical records, allowing them to free up time for taking care of their patients.

EMR optimization main area of attention is the process of refining an installation package of the EMR software to serve a medical practice’s own needs, thereby further focusing on clinical productivity and operational efficiency.

EMR optimization consultant opportunities vary based on practice and range anything from simple to complex. If the software that is used to access the health files seek multiple clicks, then that may not sound interesting for the medical assistant to use it efficiently in the shortest possible time. The focus should effectively be on making the data entry easier for the end-user. It should also have an added feature of being able to retrieve it at a later point in time, without too many complications.

Alternatively, EMR optimization consultant should also allow for the voice of the medical practitioner to be converted into text automatically and record it in system. This saves a lot of time and effort in creating files, and sub-files. Deploying this method also reduces the end-users time in getting trained on the technology.

An EMR optimization consultant eases the work of the physician by improving the average retrieval time in picking a specific health record. Thereby, it also improves the revenue cycle time.

Also needless to say that EMR optimization consultant further improves throughout the entire gamut of activities of the hospital by getting the health records prepared on time and in real time where most of the information looks far better than looking over it after a couple of days when you cannot recollect everything that has happened.

Other important duties of an EMR Optimization consultant are training users, executing tests for EMR systems and also facilitating the exchange of information among the various medical organizations.

Having an EMR governance team also adds value to successful implementation of the entire process from admission to discharge and further follow-ups as well.

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