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Joshua Baron MD

Joshua Baron MD

Dr. Joshua Dana Baron MD is a renowned doctor from Chicago, North America. He set a remarkable trend in the field of EMR optimization.

Dr. Joshua Baron MD is also the Chief Executive Officer of Axiom Consulting. He has rich experience in maintaining the health records of patients in electronic form and his primary area of focus is optimization of such electronic records, keeping ethics and integrity on board. 

Dr. Joshua Baron MD primarily aims to ease clinicians’ burden when working with electronic medical records, allowing them to free up time for taking care of their patients.

Dr. Joshua Baron MD also played a prominent role in phasing out such a kind of outdated methodology and worked towards refining the EMR system for clinical productivity and operational efficiency, from implementation to go-live support. He in fact has a rich professional experience specializing in lean teams, strategic thinking processes and procedures.

During his tenure, Joshua Baron MD suggested for evidence based order sets in the medical field and optimization of the EMRs to get rid of the unforeseen outcomes in medicine. Dr. Joshua Baron expertise lies in physician support and customization, apart from building order sets. Dr. Joshua Baron is an EMR project optimization and documentation consultant at Great Lakes Informatics, Inc. Joshua Baron MD also has keen interest in the areas of artificial intelligence driven audio to text software.

Dr. Joshua Baron MD claims over five years of experience to his credit, working as an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the Rush University Medical Center. He has also provided ‘at the elbow’ support to other end-users, physicians and nurses during Epic Ambulatory implementation.

Besides, Dr. Joshua Baron has rich and varied experience as an EMR specialist with Epic. Joshua Baron MD also bags several years of end user experience with Cerner, by way of utilizing Zynx in building order sets. Dr. Joshua Baron MD conducted several clinical studies in the area of child neurology and pediatric epilepsy.

Above all, Dr. Joshua Baron specializes in Clinical Informatics apart from the medical-legal research activities. Needless to say that he is the one-stop shop for most Medical-Legal consults in North America. He ensures comprehensibility, efficiency and cost-effective techniques in the management of health information of patients in electronic form.